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A Word from our Shipping Supervisor Athena
"Shipping is My Life"
I am in charge of Shipping and Receiving, that is all I do.

Most items are shipped USPS or UPS. 4 seat conversion kits are UPS because I re-box them into 2 or 3 boxes so you don't have to pay Truck Freight or have a "loading dock", a savings to you! Tops are Truck Freight because I can't fold them or cut them in half. 2 seater Golf Carts can be shipped to certain Forward Air cities coast to coast for only $400. We build the container, a few centimeters less than 4 ft by 8 ft, per Forward Air regulations and you pick up at the nearest Foward Air location to you. You must have a truck or trailer big enough to pick up your box. Forward Air will not allow opening, assembling or leaving any part of the wooden crate behind. Forward Air most of the time will just use a fork lift to put the box, cart and all, on your trailer or truck. Everything must be taken with you. Upon final destination, you will have some assembly as the Top and supports will be off so that we could fit it in a container less than 4 ft by 8 ft.

We are open 4 days a week, Service Truck 7 days a week including most holidays. We are closed for Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Call us for exact hours of operation on other holidays

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