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Storage Facility
Large yard - Trailers, Boats, Motorcycles, Cars
Dan Jr
I'm in charge of Security and Storage Yard, that is all I do.

We have a large fenced yard with a 24 hr on site family. Yard is enclosed by a 6ft cyclone fence with 3 strands of barbed wire. Yard has numerous Pine Trees. Yard is maintained, we keep an 8ft Canopy for tree limbs and yard is mowed. Gates are locked at night and dogs let loose, SORRY Deadly Force NOT AUTHORIZED. Access during normal business hours only. Sorry we have no enclosed storage. All vehicles and trailers must have up to date registration and state tag affixed. Vehicles cannot look inoperable. Call me Toll Free for further information.

We are open 4 days a week, including most holidays. We are closed for Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Call us for exact hours of operation on other holidays

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